Рестриктор на маслото на лагерни Garrett BB turbos

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Рестриктор на маслото на лагерни Garrett BB turbos

Post by Izanagi » Sun May 06, 2012 11:15 pm

Покрай моя турбо проект имах такава дилема - трябва ли на лагерните турбини да се слага рестриктор и какъв.

Ето го тоговора на Brian Reigner от Garrett:
1- are the GT turbos internally restricted? answer; YES
2- Do DBB GTR turbos require an oil restrictor? answer; if the oil pressure at the inlet is over 40psi, then YES.
3- how do you recomend restricting the pressure? answer; You can use the .035 restrictor from ATP or make your own, so long as pressure at idle does not fall below 15psi at the inlet.
4- what is the recomended range in psi for the GT turbos while boosting? answer; 30-40 psi, NO MORE, or you will get oil blowing by the piston ring (for lack of a better term) seal, and YOU WILL LIKELY HAVE PREMATURE FAILURE OF THE CHRA.
5- So, if users have oil blow by, could that be considered normal, or is that ALWAY indicative of a problem? answer; IT is a problem, and must be addressed for max life of the CHRA.
6- If a CHRA fails, do you have to replace the entire cartridge? answer; Yes, but Garrett is working on an exchange/rebuild program for the BB turbos, that should be available in the near future.

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